4 Uses of AV Technology to Transform Your Event

We live in exciting times for event organisation. Myriad ways exist to make a big impact at an event using modern AV technology, gadgets, and software. And the best thing is you can make an impact without breaking the bank – you just need to choose the right technology to meet your needs and create the biggest splash. If you’re looking for the most up-to-date trends in AV and event technology to try at your next event, take a look at our quick rundown.   Virtual Reality and Augmented Read more [...]

4 Things You Need to Know About Effective Packaging Design

Just one quick glance at the shelves of your local supermarket reveals just how many products are currently on the market – a lot of them remarkably similar in terms of function and design. What makes them stand out, and what influences consumers to pick one over the other, is their packaging design. If you want to get your product ahead of the others, your packaging design is vitally important. Here’s what you need to know when you are designing packaging. Simplicity and Clarity are Vital Read more [...]

4 Tips For Making Your Transcription Project Stress Free

You may be looking for a transcription service for a number of reasons. Transcription is useful for many purposes, from recording a board meeting to transforming a talk into text for a website. Your company may need transcription for disciplinary hearings, or you could be carrying out market research focus groups before launching a new product. Whatever your reason for transcription, you can make it easier on yourself by finding the right transcription services company, and by doing a few things Read more [...]

How to Thrive at Your First Exhibition or Trade Show

A trade exhibition or show is the ideal time to showcase your products and company to a tailored audience. When you attend your first exhibition as a company you will no doubt be excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities the show brings. But you will probably also have some doubts about the whole idea, and wonder how to make the most of your investment by making your show as successful as it can be. Here are a few tips for first-time and more seasoned exhibitors on how to make your trade show Read more [...]

Construction Finance: 4 Alternatives to Traditional Bank Lending

It’s tough to make a good living in construction, and particularly tough as a sub-contractor. You need to have a good enough supply of capital in order to pay suppliers and make payroll often before a contractor settles their account. And often you must buy supplies and make other payments months before you see any cash profit from the job. But with hard work, ingenuity and access to the best advice and resources, thousands make profitable companies in this sector. When times are tough, or when Read more [...]