7 Common E-Commerce Startup Problems and Their Solutions

Every startup has its own challenges at the beginning of inception and during the growth phase. In e-commerce startups, there are at least 7 common problems, which we'll discuss shortly. 1. Inexperienced Founders (poor leadership) Starting any business isn't merely about what, how, and why. But it's also about who. Starting an e-commerce business requires in-depth knowledge of how consumers behave online and using available market, competitor, and consumer data for making decisions. Inexperienced Read more [...]

Taking Your Business to the Next Level: These are the Services You’ll Need

Growing your business is fun and rewarding. Finally, the fruits of your labour are paying off and you’re starting to see some real momentum! It’s not just about staying afloat, it’s time to conquer unknown lands—and we don’t just mean metaphorically.   With today’s business trends, it’s becoming easier to engage with an audience within markets geographically distant to you. This is mostly due to the power of the internet and the development of marketing techniques via channels Read more [...]

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Social media marketing is undoubtedly important. Almost everything you find online nowadays incorporates social media. Even offline or brick and mortar stores have their social media campaigns. That’s why it’s not surprising that many businesses make use of it. Even local businesses employ social media marketing. What is it that makes social media marketing important? The following should help explain the reasons. Social media marketing helps drive website or online store traffic   Marketing Read more [...]

Why You Should Consider a Degree if You Want a Career in Music

If you would like to enter the field of entertainment, such as music, television, or radio, then there are a number of music business degree options available to them. These options are particularly interesting for those who do not want to be performing musicians, or who don’t want to be involved in the practical elements of creating music, such as the sound engineers. The music industry is one of the most valuable in the world today, one where billions of dollars are made and lost every year. Read more [...]

How to Improve your Marketing by Attending an Exhibition

Running a successful business is all about having a good marketing campaign in place and attending shows, fairs, events, presentations and exhibitions all related to the sector you specialise in is vital. As well as attending shows and events to evaluate your competition and to make contacts within your field of expertise, you should also use them as an opportunity to present your own business. This is easy to do by setting up a stand at an event and you will need to invest in some marketing materials Read more [...]

A Great Web Site Can Transform a Company

Doing business over the internet has proven to be a huge asset for companies of all sizes. Using an online presence to enhance an existing retail operation or as a unique store front has allowed companies to take a global approach to their selling strategies. Of course, the efforts generally start and end with effective e commerce web design efforts. A well-conceived and produced web site is often the deciding factor for many potential buyers. Top quality e commerce sites are easy to use, attractive, Read more [...]

Content Marketing: The Past, Present and Future for Businesses Desiring Success

Content Marketing: The Past, Present and Future for Businesses Desiring Success There's three things that any smart business person wants their business's marketing strategy to have: reliable results, safe practices that won't harm your company and measurable outcomes.  These three ingredients form the perfect business plan over the long term. The problem with most Internet-focused marketing strategies is that they tend to fall flat over longer periods. Social media buzz rapidly changes Read more [...]