Your Business: Selecting A Creative But Effective Company Name

When you think about a name, especially a business name, do you wonder about it like I do? What does this name mean? When it comes to a business, small or otherwise, what is in a name? There is a lot. There is a fine line between choosing the right or wrong name can make or break the amount of success it has. The idea, in picking the right name, is to convey the expertise, value and, capabilities of the product and or service you have created for others. Creating The Name There are some experts Read more [...]

3 Tips For Hosting a Great Business Conference

Sometimes your reputation as a professional, and perhaps even your career, can depend on having a successful business conference, event, trade show, or other public presentation.  When it comes down to event venue Toronto services, you may want to get professional help with catering, lighting, entertainment, and other options.  Here are a few tips that will ensure that your conference will run with the least friction possible. Create Atmospheres for Networking A business conference that has dozens Read more [...]