From New Start Up to Corporate Culture

Running a start up in its early weeks and months is a very different proposition to finding yourself sitting at the head of the table as the CEO of an established, mature company. It calls for different skills, different strengths, even different interests, and it’s not a mystery for the ages that so many entrepreneurs tend to move on to start new ventures rather than stick around when their earlier projects start to grow beyond them. Even if you are a serial entrepreneur, you still need to Read more [...]

Virtual Versus Traditional Office: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Looking for office space is a key part to any startup and making sure you choose what’s best for your business is essential. Whether traditional office space is better than a virtual one, is a big question to ask before opening a business. There are pros and cons to both approaches and overhead budgets and costs are a key element to consider when making a decision. Virtual Office Space A virtual office bears no, walls. And the windows are limitless. You can work from anywhere at any time with Read more [...]

Should You Even Be Concerned about Twitter?

Twitter has become one of the darlings of the social media age. For reasons that many people find incomprehensible, many people cannot seem to resist receiving short little messages from complete strangers or friends, politicians, sports heroes or even movie stars. Although this trend actually started in the United States, it caught on all over the world and today Twitter has over half a billion users worldwide. Leveraging that popularity, they recently started selling shares to the public and the Read more [...]