It’s not easy to find work in any industry these days with companies being forced to tighten their belts which has resulted in less jobs being made available while they look to maintain their finances against a tough economic climate. With investment in business dropping, companies just can’t afford to take on new members of staff and that leaves thousands unemployed and searching for any job they can get their hands on even if it’s a polar opposite to their dream job, or even their qualifications.



University graduates were once the most in-demand members of the public because of their qualifications and, in some cases, their experience that they had gained through placements and coursework; but even they struggle to find work these days particularly in jobs based around IT.


While having skills in computing and technology are becoming increasingly vital to job prospects whatever industry you work in, they don’t always result in finding a position within a company unless you have something amazing on your CV – like experience or qualifications they just can’t turn a blind eye to.


There are some technology-based jobs which are particularly in-demand these days with people looking to branch out away from your typical office jobs where technology skills would be used for administrative purposes only.


One such example is in IT sales recruitment, helping people to get into positions to help others find work. With skills and a knowledge of technology, people in these positions can help companies to find the people they want to help them to sell their goods and services to those in the industry or specific sectors. Whether it’s an in-house role trying to sell specific services or an outsourced position trying to find the right people for the positions there are opportunities out there to use your expertise and the gift of the gab if you’re into chatting.


Another of the most sought-after positions is in social media management. Increasing numbers of companies are getting into social media, seeing it as a vital form of communication with clients and customers as well as other industry professionals and having someone with the knack of liaising with those people, as well as finding new leads, through the likes of Facebook and Twitter is in high-demand.


Social media is being used to push goods and services like a form of advertising with many viewing it as the ideal place to launch their new marketing campaigns and those who love spending time watching videos on YouTube and sending Tweets to people congratulating them on an excellent article are now looking to use that passion for all things social in in-house roles.


A third and final example, to avoid going into overload, is web development and design. Just about everyone has a website these days, it’s the first port of call for potential customers who used to use the Yellow Pages or a directory to find companies offering particular services; and now it’s vital that you have a fully functional, well designed website that appeals to potential customers.


With people coming out of school and college with qualifications in IT that students of ten years ago may not have obtained, they are more skilled and able to offer professional services based on everything they have learned about web design and development from choosing the right colours to search engine optimisation and coding to ensure that the particular site stands out in the market no matter how saturated it may be.


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