The internet has changed all aspects of the world. The impact of this is something many are still adapting to. It has changed everything from how we pay our bills to how we shop for birthday presents. The vast majority of these changes is positive and has helped to make our lives easier. However, there are also some negative issues associated with the internet and this has led to reputation management consultants to get into business, ensuring people can deal with the negativity of the internet.

What Is an Online Reputation and Why Is it Needed?

An online reputation basically tells people what a business is like, and they search for this information across the World Wide Web. If people are leaving negative comments about a business, then their reputation will drop. People and businesses alike now have the opportunity to analyze what their current reputation is, and improve on this where needed. This is a vital tool in today’s digital world. The internet is filled with information and search engines are, in some respects, nothing but huge gossip spreaders. In the long term, having a consistent focus on reputation management means that businesses are able to fight that gossip and ensure that when people look them up, they only see the positive things about that company.

What Can Be Fixed with Reputation Management?

There are unique and specific strategies that suit each individual client. However, solving a reputation problem is not something that is done overnight. A number of specific problems are the most common, including:

  • Complaints
  • Negative product reviews
  • Anti-corporate blogs
  • Abusive forum comments

How Does it Work?

Generally speaking, an online reputation consultant will start by finding out what information already exists online about their clients. They then use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in order to promote those pages that have positive information on them. It is for this reason that they are often also listed as an SEO company. They will also be able to create websites from fresh in order to push any negative reviews back to page three or beyond on Google. In a sense, it is a type of public relations focused on the internet. Once something is no longer found on the first two pages of Google, it is almost non-existent. It is a known fact that people rarely, if ever, look past those first two pages.

The Evolution of Reputation Management

Once upon a time, if bad press was out there, it would cost an organization millions to undo that damage. The only thing they had going for them was the statement ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’, even though everybody knew that wasn’t true at all. Today, the world has changed and this is another positive thing that the internet has brought us. While restoring a damaged online reputation is still a lot of hard work, it doesn’t cost millions anymore. Today, it takes a single consultant or consultancy service to look into what is out there and come up with ways to mitigate any damage. In so doing, they are killing two birds within one stone, because they also engage in SEO practices, meaning that your company’s website will be easier to find online. While this may sound very easy on paper, it is actually a complex process that requires in-depth monitoring. While it is something that can be learned, it is also highly time consuming, which is why most businesses will turn to a consultancy service to have the work done for them instead.

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