Top 5 Resources for Hiring the Right Employees

It doesn’t matter if you are hiring someone in the medical, business, financial, technology, or criminal justice field; hiring the appropriate person for a job can be very challenging. When you hire incorrectly wasted dollars are spent, and precious time is lost. Hiring correctly, however, will have an outcome that is positive and productive in your workplace.

Some resources you can utilize to hire the right employees are simple and just takes appropriate planning.

  1.  Create a Job Analysis

The first aspect you may want to consider is the overall job itself and creating a good analysis for it. A job analysis gives the department the chance to better understand what the duties and responsibilities of a job will be. Having a well-written job analysis will also play a vital role in the recruiting strategies needed in order to hire the best employee for the position.

  1. Develop a Recruiting Strategy

Once you have the job analysis or job description polished and ready to post on job boards you can work on developing a recruiting strategy. A recruiting strategy primarily consists of what avenues the department and company chooses to utilize in order to attract the best candidates who will meet the criteria set in the job analysis. Recruitment can be anything from posting the job on internet job boards to holding a job fair. Also, reach out to someone who has a masters in human resources for expert advice and successful tips, as well.

  1. Create a check list

A checklist is a great resource when hiring new employees. You can keep careful watch on which recruiting methods are working or which methods are not working; which candidates meet the mandatory requirements in order to qualify for a position, which candidates you have reached out to for more information, and whether or not the candidates have been invited for an interview. You can also use the checklist for future positions you may have open by keeping the names of quality candidates that may not have been a good fit for the current position but may be a good fit for the next.

  1. Screen applications and resumes appropriately 

If the job description for the position was created successfully, reviewing the application and resume should be an easy resource to use. The mandatory requirements set on the job description will be your focus when screening the resumes and application. Every applicant should be screened against the list of experience, education, prior work history, and characteristics needed that was set for the position. By sticking to reviewing the applications based on the job description you will be saving yourself a ton of time and in turn only be speaking with and interviewing the most qualified people for the job.

  1. Utilize pre-screening methods

Pre-screening a candidate with a telephone interview or brief person to person meeting before the hiring manager conducts a more in-depth interview can also be a great hiring resource. It’s always good if possible to put a face to paper and speaking and/or meeting with a potential candidate can determine if the individual will be a good fit for the employment opportunity. Pre-screening will give you the opportunity to discuss pay, hours, previous work history, education and to just get an overall feel for the person in terms of the candidates attitude and if he or she will be able to fit into the culture of the organization.

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