We now live in a World where it has never been easier to start your own business, the rise of the internet has played the biggest part in this shift and now, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can quickly set up their own company or enterprise. Communication is what has changed the most and as we have more of it, we can connect with millions of people around the World in a click of a button, this gives us more access to resources, information and customers.

Whilst many seek to be an entrepreneur, the skill set required is not something that everyone possesses, but they are skills that can be learned. Experts in this area like Rene Escobar Bribiesca have certain core skills that set them apart from the ‘triers’ of this World. If entrepreneurship is something that you are interested in then here are some tips to help you out.

Stay Driven

The single most important factor in being an entrepreneur is drive, it is imperative that throughout your career that you stay driven and focused. Regardless of how great a business or an idea that you have, if you fail to have the motivation to see it through then you are unlikely to see success. Just remember that every minute that you are not at 100% are the minutes that your competitors are gaining the upper hand.

Think Forward

Every successful entrepreneur in the World constantly seeks for more, more creativity, more success, more profits and they are all visionaries in their fields. The idea of standing still should never occur to you, there are always ways to improve a product or business and you should always be looking at ways to do just that. Keeping up with industry changes and customer trends is important, but those that are the most successful are the ones who create the changes and the trends through forward thinking.

Keep Your Values

As an entrepreneur you should command and give respect to all who you are involved with whether it be clients or staff. You should be seen as a person with strong values that everyone is aware of, being humble and respectful are values that you should have, core values such as these will gain loyalty from your team and your clients and will help you gain respect in your field.


Many fall into the trap of thinking that entrepreneurship is an autonomous role where you create an idea and then lead your business to success on the back of your work alone. This is only half true, the decision making process is yours to own but listening to others is vital in taking those decisions. It will be important that you surround yourself with people who offer great advice, people who either know you well enough to show you all sides of an argument or successful people who have been there and done it and can impart their knowledge on you. If you fail to seek advice then you will find that the decision making process could be harder and less successful.

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