In today’s modern world, you simply cannot own a business anymore without also having an online presence. In fact, it is now about more than that. Just having a website isn’t enough anymore. You also need blogs and social media sites, for instance. And this means that people can – and will – talk about you, and you have to monitor this. It is vital that you know exactly how your customers and potential customers perceive your brand, and whether that is the perception you were hoping to create. You cannot allow people to simply decide what your brand identity is, you have to control that narrative yourself and be on top of it all the time. That is the role of online reputation management.

Understanding Online Reputation Management

Managing your online reputation means that you took control over how people perceive your brand online. This means you constantly have to monitor what is being said about you, and that you boost anything positive so that negative content is not as visible anymore.

Why Does it Matter?

The entire world is online. That includes businesses and individuals. Everybody communicates through social media, including your competition. People trawl the internet in order to find reviews before they decide whether or not to shop somewhere. The power of the internet is all around us, and you simply cannot escape it. In fact, it is your business’ biggest source of new customers and demographic information alike.

According to various studies, at least 92% of people will search for reviews before they decide to shop somewhere. Additionally, 4 out of 5 customers will decide not to shop somewhere if they find even a single negative review. This means that, if you haven’t properly managed your reputation, you could lose out on 80% of your new customers. You must be in control of is, knowing at all times what people see when they search for you. Without monitoring your reputation, you are essentially giving those who don’t like you the power to do it for you!

How Do You Manage an Online Reputation?

Reputation management is hugely complex. It involves both reactive and proactive measures. It means constant monitoring, and it means having strategies, goals, and objectives in place at all times. It means you need to know what your current reputation is as well, so that you can find out how much work you have to do in order to align it with your goals. This includes three things:

  1. Know what your company’s current reputation is and how that aligns with your goals.
  2. Getting to work on undoing any damage while also working on achieving your goals.
  3. Actually achieve your goals.

This may sound simple, but it is actually a mixture of being a detective, a counselor, an SEO expert, a website designer, and a general human being. It is a full time job, because the internet never sleeps. This is why it is also best to hire a professional to help you with it.

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