When you’re running a business you have to constantly decide how you’re going to spend your resources – not just money, but time, attention and the working hours of everyone in your business. A project may not just be expensive, it also requires oversight, which means you can focus less on other aspects of your business. This multidimensional aspect to budgeting means every decision that has a cost needs to be carefully considered – and every decision comes with a cost.


One of the decisions that comes your way as a business owner is whether to spend some of those vital resources on consultants. There are many different kinds of business consultants, all offering borderline miraculous results in exchange for their fee. Knowing what they do, and what they can realistically achieve, is an important part of making an informed decision so today we’re taking a look at strategy consultants to help you decide if working with one is the right move for your business. If you’re looking for a strategy consulting London has plenty of agencies to choose from at all levels, but think carefully before you commit.


What’s Your Strategy?


First we need to look at what a business strategy is. A unified plan for running your business is important – if you don’t have an overall aim in mind, there’s nothing pulling your individual decisions together and you could end up with incoherent results: marketing that doesn’t represent what you offer, product lines that make no sense on the shelf next to each other, pricing structures that don’t make anyone feel welcome.


A strategy that defines what you want your business to be in the future, and sets out some principles governing how you get there adds an extra dimension to your decision making process beyond mere pragmatism.


Strategy Consultants in the Long Term


A long term use for strategy consultants is to help you devise that business strategy. Running a business requires a lot of different kinds of expertise, and coming up with that governing strategy needs a deep understanding of the market, of your competitors, of likely economic fluctuations over the next decade and more! It could be well worth hiring someone in to help who brings that expertise to the job, rather than trying to acquire it yourself at short notice.


Short Term Consultation


Another way to make use of a strategy consultant is when you encounter a big decision – one where it’s not clear how best to apply to your strategy and its governing principles. A big expansion, unexpected economic problems, the arrival of a new competitor in your local market and more could all call for an independent point of view to help you find a clear way forward.

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