Any successful team must have a strong leader at the top of it, these are the people who guide, who enable and who support their team to gain maximum results. Some areas of a team are interchangeable, the leadership role is absolutely not and without a strong leader, even the best of teams can fail. What is it that makes a strong leader? What kind of skills, characteristics and attitude do you need in order to gain the hearts and minds of those you are leading? And more importantly, how can you go about becoming a good leader? Let’s take a look at what is required to make a strong leader.

Core Skills

There are certain core skills that strong leaders have, the ability to engage with many different types of people to gain their trust and loyalty and the ability to make smart decisions. Leadership skills like these can be used in almost all areas of business, take Russ Lea for example, a strong leader who has applied his business management, strategic planning and negotiating skills to education, healthcare and private sector roles. The core skills of leadership are mostly instinctive but there are some that you can can work on improving.


It is very important in leadership that you are a positive role model for your team, and the best way to display that is with constant drive. The strongest leaders in the World are those who are constantly pushing themselves to do more, work harder, take better decisions and improve their success. Upon seeing your high levels of drive it will inspire your team to do the same, regardless of what is happening in your life, you must be constantly at 100% and striving for more.


When it comes to handling your team it is important that you have their respect, one surefire way of getting it is through being consistent. Inconsistency when handling your staff can lead to problems within the team, regardless of whether you are rewarding them or punishing them, you must be consistent and treat everyone exactly the same. This type of leadership displays strong values on your part and it lets everybody know how you operate and that you are firm and fair in equal measures.


Being a strong leader is about getting your team to buy into your vision, your role at the top of the food chain is to look forward for ways to improve. Once you have made decisions like this then it is important that you get your team involved and thinking along the same lines. Don’t get bogged down in the nitty gritty of daily tasks, that is why you have a team with various skills, your job is to be guiding the team to a better future.


Clear and transparent communication between you and your team is vital to your role, you need to create an environment where there are strong lines of communication throughout the team. The communication that you give your team should be crystal clear and direct, they have to understand what it is that you want from them. Failure through non communication should never be acceptable, communicate regularly and leave your door open to any concerns that your team may have.

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