Across many different industries, those who are successful within them will often display a certain set of skills which enable to be as good at what they do as they are. One area where this also rings true is in the field of law and specifically lawyers. Almost all successful lawyers like Jon Bunge display a certain set of skills that they use in their profession and if you want to pursue a career in this field then you too will have to display the same attributes.

Becoming a lawyer is far from easy, being a lawyer is even more difficult and if you really want to achieve this then here are some of the qualities which you will need to have.

Hard Working

For sure one of the biggest qualities which you are going to need to have in order to both become a lawyer and to become a great lawyer is an outstanding work ethic. During your studies you will be required to put in hours and hours of work in order to learn all aspects of the law that you possibly can. Once you start practicing law you can expect lots of long days and little sleep as you research each and every case and search for the best ways to win them.

Encyclopedic Knowledge

As well as being a hard worker you will need to be able to tap into a large amount of knowledge at any given time and your ability to retain information will be the difference between you being a good lawyer or a great lawyer. Processing huge chunks of data, you will also need to have the ability to cherry pick the important points and disregard the pieces that you do not need.

Excellent Team Work

When working on a case, you will not be doing so alone and throughout your career you will need to pay different roles within the team that is working on the case. It will be important that you have a strong understanding of the team dynamic and that you can be a great worker regardless of whether you are heading up the team, or working on the research side of things. Your ability in different roles within the team is what will help you stand out and grow within your profession.

Ability to Argue

Your ability to argue and persuade will be key when it comes to the your success working as a lawyer. You will need to not only be able to out forward a smart and well structured argument to judges and juries, you will also need to be a strong persuader when it comes to working behind-the-scenes and preparing for your case. If you believe that a particular way of arguing for your client’s case is the best approach then you need to convince your team of that and in order to do so you will have to excel when it comes to arguing.

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