For the common man, buying a TV is not that complicated; often there are only two issues to be considered: the size and the price. The man who enjoys his TV and doesn’t want to think too much keeps it simple – and in a way, it’s wise to keep it simple. It narrows things down in a very straightforward manner. However, for business owners who wish to buy a TV, it’s an investment, and everything should be considered. There’s no doubt size and price are still the two top priorities, but all things being equal, things like aspect ratio, refresh rate, and whether it’s a smart TV or not contribute to the decision. Confused with all the technological terms and wondering what TV type is the most ideal for your business? Here’s a comparison of plasma, LCD, LED and OLED TVs.


If you’re still only interested in size and budget, then plasma is the one for you. This is because plasma tends to work really well with large TVs, creating excellent colour and contrast. They also tend to have a wide viewing angle, which means the audience can be dispersed.

LCD display

Liquid Crystal Displays are very common, easy to find, and tend to be easier on the budget because of their popularity. They have smaller viewing angles, however, so the viewer needs to be located in a certain area, and they tend to work less well for gaming with fast frame-changes.

LED display

Don’t be fooled – a LED (Light Emitting Diode) display is actually an LCD display, but with an added feature: rather than ordinary lighting used to go through the LED, the lighting is provided by LED. They have better contrast ratios but have the same viewing angle problem as LCD.

OLED display

They take the LED experience of high quality pictures, colour and contrast, as well as clarity of image, to a higher level and provide excellent viewing pleasure – but they too suffer from a viewing angle problem.

For the business manager, it is not just about size – that’s an important factor. But more importantly, it’s visibility as a whole, which includes display. Colours. Intensity. And of course, to the business manager who understands that the world is moving fast and that the TV may play a much bigger role in the future, the smart TV is the best way to go. Nobody expects you to understand all the technological complexities that go into the making of a modern TV – but the smart entrepreneur can ask simple questions and see where they will get the most value; for the present and the future. Go visual, and go smart. Additionally, don’t forget to choose the right display for your TV as well. A proper TV display stand goes a long way.

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