A mystery shopper can be a very valuable way to discover insights about your company and find out where you need to improve. A mystery shopper can visit your business under the guise of being a customer while evaluating their experience.


The mystery shopper will usually perform specific tasks, such as purchasing a certain service or product, asking particular questions, registering complaints or making a particular request. A plan can be developed in advance that will determine what specific aspects of the experience the mystery shopper will be focusing on. Afterwards, they will make a report detailing their experience, from the way they were greeted when they entered your business to the way that your promotions are displayed.

Mystery shopping can be used in any industry and there are a number of different types of businesses that regularly use mystery shoppers. When the client company hires a field sales company to provide mystery shopping services, a survey model is drawn up and agreed to. This defines the factors that the client company wishes to measure.

So what are some examples of the types of businesses that use mystery shoppers, such as the mystery shoppers at Tactical Solutions?

Restaurants and Bars

Mystery shoppers visit bars and restaurants in order to make notes on the attitude of the hosts, the quality of the food, the service standards and many other details. This can help the restaurant to improve the experience for the guest and also to allow them to spot any issues that might arrive.

Grocery and Convenience Stores

Many grocery stores and convenience stores employ mystery shoppers in order to keep their customer service standards high. These mystery shoppers will enter as customers and make notes on all aspects of the shopping experience. They might be instructed to ask for certain items, try to make a refund or an exchange or make a complaint in order to test staff on these procedures.

Department & Specialty Stores

All types of stores, from bedding specialists to bicycle stores, faces stiff competition and mystery shopping can help to overcome this. The mystery shopper can focus on a number of specific details within the shop, in order to assess the performance of the retail location.

Banks and Investment Groups

This might not be the most obvious type of company to use a mystery shopper, but banks and investment groups can take advantage of this type of assessment. An undercover shopper can help to assess the services and determine whether or not the correct guidelines are being followed.


Most guests don’t leave a review for a hotel, but a mystery shopper can provide valuable feedback on everything from the room service to the cleanliness of the rooms to the helpfulness of the front counter staff. The mystery guest will be able to provide important detailed information that will give the hotel owner valuable insight so that they know where to improve their hotel.

Gym & Fitness Centres

There is a lot of competition between fitness centres and gyms, so it is important for gyms to do their best to improve customer experience as much as possible. A mystery shopper will analyse the quality of the service, the helpfulness of the staff, the equipment, the clarity of the contract and much more.

Hair Salons

Getting a haircut isn’t just about styling hair, it is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. A good hair stylist needs to be able to offer a high quality cut while also making the customer feel comfortable and at ease. Mystery shoppers can go to get a haircut in order to observe the performance of the hair stylist and the quality of the cut.

These are just a few examples of the types of businesses that use mystery shopping services such as Tactical Solutions to assess their performance and get a behind the scenes look at how they are serving their customers. Of course, this isn’t an extensive list as there are many other types of companies that use mystery shopping services. No matter what type of business you offer, it can be incredibly important to get an objective glimpse into what the experience is like for the customer. This valuable information will help you to pinpoint what your weaknesses might be and see how you can improve your business.

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