Whether you manage a company or work in human resources, you know that one of the most unpleasant tasks you will face is letting someone go. Even if you must terminate an employee for business reasons, some employees take the decision personally, which can result in unforeseen consequences. But do you know the real cost of a disgruntled employee? The following outlines the high cost of letting someone go.


Dangerous Behavior

Disgruntled employees present danger for a variety of reasons. On the surface level, physical aggression manifests as a result of anger and hurt. Employees might be angry enough to physically harm another employee, him/herself or you, particularly if he or she feels that you directly caused his current problems. Whether an employee was strictly disciplined, fired or simply laid off, an employee may pose a physical threat due to the nature of the circumstances.


In this case, employees might lash out and become violent. Not only does this hurt the employee who receives the retaliation, but it also hurts you as an employer. Lawsuits can ensue, and if you aren’t insured properly against these kinds of attacks, then you might be liable for damages.


Most employees probably won’t physically harm themselves or other people, but they may damage company property in the process of leaving, whether intentionally or not. Depending on the piece of property, you could end up replacing costly equipment. Copiers, fax machines and other hefty items may not be easy to replace, and while you’re waiting for them to be installed, your employees will be waiting to do their jobs. This puts a halt on workflow, which means you end up paying people for work they can’t complete due to lack of equipment. A disgruntled employee may effectively halt your business for an indefinite time out of anger. In order to protect your commercial interests, you need to have an adequate insurance plan in place.


Legal Action

You need to be prepared for potential legal action in the case of disgruntled employees. As stated above, lawsuits may result from those injured during an emotional rage, but the disgruntled employee him/herself may also take action against you for discrimination or unjust termination. Whether justified or not, some employees seek legal damage against their former employers when they get fired. You might be ready to refute any claims, but battling a legal case will be costly, even if you never make it to court. Attorney fees, depositions and discovery takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Are you prepared to deal with this legal hassle? The real cost of a disgruntled employee may not be evident until you’re standing in court.


Laying off an employee isn’t easy, but sometimes it must be done. You need to make sure that your business and the people who work for you are covered in case of physical or legal consequences. Look for an insurance company to learn more about protecting yourself and your company. Don’t let a disgruntled employee dictate how you handle conflict.


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