Social media marketing is undoubtedly important. Almost everything you find online nowadays incorporates social media. Even offline or brick and mortar stores have their social media campaigns. That’s why it’s not surprising that many businesses make use of it. Even local businesses employ social media marketing.

What is it that makes social media marketing important? The following should help explain the reasons.

  1. Social media marketing helps drive website or online store traffic


Marketing through social media is one of the most effective ways to get traffic for a website or online store. It’s easier to bring in visitors to your website by targeting specific individuals on social media, as compared to doing SEO and waiting for potential customers to find your site through search engines. To kickstart your online store or website traffic, it greatly helps undertaking advertising efforts through social media. You can start by inviting your friends (on your personal social media account) to have your first few dozen visitors or potential buyers. Eventually, as people find your website or online store interesting or worth trying, you are likely to get more and more visitors.

  1. Social media connects businesses to customers and promotes engagement


Social media is a powerful tool for connecting to customers, both current and prospective. It is an excellent way to gather feedback on your product or service and respond accordingly. It also helps stir interest in your product and initiate the possibility of word of mouth marketing. It engages customers to keep their interest and encourages them to stay updated with your latest offerings.



  1. Social media marketing is a cheaper way to market a business


The cost of social media marketing is one of the most compelling arguments why it is something that is considered important. It is significantly cheaper to undertake a social media campaign as compared to doing a traditional marketing blitz. It’s even possible to not have to spend anything but your time and effort. Social media marketing is not necessarily a replacement for other marketing efforts, though.

  1. Social media marketing can get your brand or product to mainstream media


Newsjacking: this is a coined term that refers to the practice of making the most of the popularity of a news story to boost sales. Marketers can take advantage of the opportunity of a product or brand being covered by news outlets to amplify sales or brand awareness. Social media marketing has the ability to make something viral or to stimulate attention and discussion over something so that it becomes difficult for mainstream media not to cover it.

Social media marketing is certainly important as it provides a convenient, easy, and inexpensive way to reach out to potential and current/returning customers, similar to how social media marketing in Cornwall is done for clients. It is an effective tool for raising brand awareness and sales. It can also be used to stir interest in your product to attract the attention of mainstream media.








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