There are many ways you can save as a business and still be as efficient as ever. If you are running an enterprise, you can save on expenses by leasing certain equipment that you need. This is especially true when it comes to printers, photocopiers, and other vital office equipment.

Why lease?

When you lease, you can benefit from savings for your company, especially regarding cash flow. When you’re operating a business, you need to have extra funds available for unexpected expenses and emergencies. But buying printers can be a costly endeavour, and this can very well eat up your available finances. With printer leasing, however, you don’t have to shell out a big sum – you can organise your funds in a better way by making small, manageable payments over a time period. Your lease arrangement will come as a fixed expense every month, and this further allows you to plan your budget properly since you know what needs to be paid every four weeks. Lease arrangements are not affected by the rise and fall of interest rates, either, so you can definitely plan your payments well in advance.

Other benefits to your business

  • Reduced taxes

There are other benefits to printer leasing as well. One of these benefits has to do with your taxes. Did you know that when you lease printers, you have the chance to reduce your total taxes? The cost of leasing is deductible and can be categorised as a business expense. As a result, your net expense of leasing printers is reduced even further. By leasing, you can reclaim whatever you have paid out on a basis of ‘by payment’ which can be every month, every quarter, or every year.

  • Better technology

Printer leasing services such as printer leasing Oxford from CRS Document Solutions also invest in the latest and most reliable equipment available, so you can take advantage of the best equipment there is. A printer is not considered an asset for any business as it quickly depreciates over time – but it’s still necessary. So why spend heavily on something which will only depreciate and which will have to be replaced in a few years? With leasing, you have more freedom to upgrade your equipment at certain periods, and you can benefit from improvements in technology as they come. If you suddenly need a higher-volume printer, more advanced features, and more, you can also easily get an upgrade.

  • Have more available funds

By leasing printers, your available capital will not have to be touched. This frees up your funds for other important investments and purchases. Your financial resources will be preserved. What’s more, with leasing, you can also maintain your bank lines as well as optimise your sources of credit if necessary.








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