It’s commonly known around the globe that if you want to create a company and plan a start-up enterprise, that Silicon Valley (USA) is the place to be, especially when you’re thinking about software or an Internet-based enterprise. It’s a cliché, but it’s true, nevertheless – it is still the best place to be because the infrastructure of the place supports the start-up needs to the fullest.


However, that’s not to say that there are no other places where eager entrepreneurs can find their success – on the contrary, there are many cities around the world that would easily give Silicon Valley a run for their money. Ever wonder where to go next for beginning a business? Here is a look at the coolest cities around the world for start-up enterprises.


Montreal, Canada


Montreal hasn’t always made it to the top of the list – but it made it this year, and for good reason; its cultural diversity as well as the great pool of engineering students from different fields (not to mention a large group of angel investors) has pushed this city to the top. It ranks well in performance, market reach, and start-up experience.


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam may not have the same start-up experience as London or Berlin, but it is getting there – and doing well at it, too. Amsterdam has improved its start-up infrastructure significantly, and it’s starting to show some great results; start-up tech companies from all around the world have decided to base their European offices there, including Uber and Startupbootcamp.


Berlin, Germany


Berlin wasn’t always known for its innovation, but a lot has changed. Its tech environment had a major makeover in 2010 and since then it has been able to steadily climb the ranks. It has been projected that in Berlin alone, more than 40,000 job opportunities could open up due to startups. It’s also great because of its wonderful creative scenery and low cost of living.


London, England


London has also been climbing the ranks – and has done so steadily. The government initiative (Tech City UK) gave it a big boost, and now it is comfortably positioned due to its affluent consumers and its solid funding landscape. The ambitious government projects can only help it climb even further and higher, as confirmed by Commercial People, who are constantly up-to-date with the nationwide businesses sale in London and other areas like Coventry, Belfast, Stirling, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Swansea, and more.


Of course, these are not the only ones – but they come in at the top of the list according to their rankings. Other major cities are: Paris (France), Boston (USA), Chicago (USA), Toronto (Canada), Austin (USA), and Sydney (Australia).


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