Five Essential Insurance Facts for a Cab Company

There are a multitude of things that cab companies need to think about when running their business. Insurance is one of the biggest concerns for most businesses, and finding the right one, with the best benefits, is essential. You Need To Get a Dedicated Insurer   When a company considers what type of insurer they want to go with, they should attempt to go with a dedicated one. Rather than just getting a general insurance firm, a more specialised one will provide a better service. This option Read more [...]

Why SEO is Vital for Growing Your Business Online?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies, techniques, and tactics that increases the visibility of your website as well as the number of people who visit it, by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP). Through SEO strategies such as content generation, keyword integration and more, you can ensure that your website is accessible to a search engine and ultimately to those users who are searching for it. Why it is important to be visible Read more [...]

Improving The Hygiene of Your Office

It might never actually occur to an office worker just how many germs are circulating around their keyboard, mice and desks, yet these can be some of the filthiest places in an office. And, without an effective hygiene plan in your place of work, the possibility of disease spreading to your employees is high. This news comes after research from washroom services company Initial Hygiene reported that the average office mouse contains more than three times the levels of bacteria-related contamination Read more [...]

Should You Even Be Concerned about Twitter?

Twitter has become one of the darlings of the social media age. For reasons that many people find incomprehensible, many people cannot seem to resist receiving short little messages from complete strangers or friends, politicians, sports heroes or even movie stars. Although this trend actually started in the United States, it caught on all over the world and today Twitter has over half a billion users worldwide. Leveraging that popularity, they recently started selling shares to the public and the Read more [...]

Grave But Seemingly Trivial SME Errors

 There are few things in life and work that are more challenging than owning and managing an SME. With tons of responsibility, an abundance of tasks and chores, as well as heaps of pressure, it’s only understandable that many British SMEs fail to survive longer than a year or two. However, many SMEs engineer their own downfall due to making grave errors that seemed trivial at the time.     Going Big For Investment   It’s obvious that investors are the lifeblood Read more [...]

How to Make Warehouses Safe Work Environments

Anyone who is ever visited a busy warehouse can probably appreciate the bustling activity which typically characterizes the environment. Modern warehouses are typically a model of efficiency, receiving and delivering boxes of all shapes and sizes, or even pallets of goods. If they’re being received, they have to be inventoried and the contents stored somewhere where they can be easily found when being looked for. If there’s a delivery, the exact reverse process occurs. The item(s) needs to be Read more [...]

Growing Your Business On The Move

The increasing use of technology like smartphones and tablets means it's easier than ever for people to work on the go. This is especially great for entrepreneurs who may still be in the process of setting up their company and lack a physical office environment from which to conduct business from. In fact, even established executives are breaking free of their four walls in favour of a more suitable remote location or work on the go. Besides, if you are looking to break into global markets, Read more [...]

Top 5 Resources for Hiring the Right Employees

It doesn't matter if you are hiring someone in the medical, business, financial, technology, or criminal justice field; hiring the appropriate person for a job can be very challenging. When you hire incorrectly wasted dollars are spent, and precious time is lost. Hiring correctly, however, will have an outcome that is positive and productive in your workplace. Some resources you can utilize to hire the right employees are simple and just takes appropriate planning.  Create a Job Analysis The Read more [...]

What Small Businesses Need Before Oct. 1 to Prepare for Obamacare (Affordable Care Act)

With October 1 looming near, there is an incessant barrage of hype and partisan politics surrounding the Affordable Care Act.  A great deal of the confusion stems from the dynamic and constantly changing manner the government employees use to implement the program. It's important to find out exactly how Obamacare affects your business and what you have to do to prepare. As the new healthcare law goes into effect, there are three important deadlines you should consider. The first of these deadlines, Read more [...]

What Types of Cyber Security Are Worth Investing In?

Cyber security has 3 basic components that are all very important and worth investing in, especially for businesses that depend on computers for day to day operations. A well-rounded cyber security plan includes these things: Education Prevention Detection Investing in all three of these components will likely help keep you or your business from falling prey to a cyber attack. Education Knowing what to do and what to look for is the first step in making sure your personal information Read more [...]