Running a successful business is all about having a good marketing campaign in place and attending shows, fairs, events, presentations and exhibitions all related to the sector you specialise in is vital. As well as attending shows and events to evaluate your competition and to make contacts within your field of expertise, you should also use them as an opportunity to present your own business. This is easy to do by setting up a stand at an event and you will need to invest in some marketing materials to decorate your stall. You can find affordable exhibition banners and other materials that are great to use to present your company by shopping online and you can use a mixture of advertising materials to create a diverse stand to attract positive attention.


Check out the following for some handy ideas on the different types of banners you can use:

  • Cassette banners

  • Roller banners

  • Wide or high banners

  • Outdoor banners

  • Tension banners

  • Hanging banners

  • Pop up banners

All of these offer a slightly different element to a stand, with the classic cassette style working well at the side of a stall to draw people in and a hanging banner to grab their attention once your audience is already at your stall.

Let’s take a look at what each banner will bring to your stall:

Cassette Banners

This style of banner is easy to change quickly, so you can change the message you want to get across as well as the graphic with ease simply by removing the current cassette and putting a new one in.

Roller Banners

Roller banners are perfect to use on a stand that is short of space. As they roll up, it also means they are easy to transport as the graphic isn’t at risk of being damaged as it can be safely rolled away.

Wide or High Banners

You can choose to have a wide or a high banner made, rather than one in the more traditional long and tall shape, allowing you to give your stall a competitive edge with a unique look.

Outdoor Banners

These banners are perfect for using outside, as they are designed to withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at them and they are great to use to direct people towards your stand before they even get inside the event.

Tension Banners

Tension banners are good to use if you want to change your message throughout the exhibition, as you can simply change the graphic without having to refit it.

Hanging and pop up banners are also great choices and work to give your stand a more complex look, rather than a monotonous appearance that many stands have when they use banners that are all the same shape and size throughout the entire stall. Attending exhibitions is a productive way to improve your marketing campaign and boost your brand awareness as well as encourage B2B communications.

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