It seems that almost everyone has their own website nowadays. It could be just for blogging purposes as more and more people are sharing their thoughts and ideas through their own blogs. Perhaps you have a website for your business so that you are having more of an online presence instead of relying simply on your brick and mortar store. Of course, if you are an educator, you could have a website for class purposes so the students and their parents can keep track of what is always going on in the classroom. Whatever the case, if you are creating a website, you might as well make it the best you can. Don’t settle for an average site when you can pimp it out and make it memorable.


Include Your Own Pictures

Everybody and their brother is currently using copyright-free images that they have downloaded from the internet on their website. They don’t want to take the effort to take actual pictures themselves. It is a shame, too, since most of us have photography skills that are just waiting to get out. Take all of your pictures that are going to be on your website. Your phone has enough of a high-tech camera that it will allow you to take some masterpieces. Plus, it has enough filters built in so you can take an ordinary photo and make it even better.


Don’t Go Overboard on the Menu

Most websites have a menu at the top of their screen that allows the person to navigate the site without much of a hassle. At least that is the goal. If you have more than ten submenu items you can click on, you probably will want to shorten up the options. Keep it simple so people don’t get so overwhelmed that they immediately click off your page because it is too confusing.


Have Optimal Speed and Storage

You might have created your website yourself and kind of fell into a web hosting that was either free or really inexpensive. However, if your site ever crashes or is slow loading up, you can find another web hosting that will make you a priority. In fact, you can have an unlimited disk space with a web hosting in Canada that will give you enough storage to last a lifetime. And it will not be expensive in the least!


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