Law Schools to Incorporate More Technology Skills Into Their Curriculum

As long schools work to attract the best and the brightest law students and prepare them for the rigors of a career in the law, they're taking a closer look at how they train students to use technology. It's not just enough to teach future lawyers about case law and rules of evidence.   Instead, technology skills are practical skills. Many technology products and software applications are routine in today's legal world and even specific to the profession. If they're going to be competent Read more [...]

Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor – Why Playing Football is a Great Fat Buster

Football fans like Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor can certainly attest to the athleticism that is required to reach the highest levels of the game.  But even if you are not destined for greatness as the lead quarterback on a Superbowl-winning team, you can still win by enjoying the significant physical benefits that come from playing football.  One of the most important side-effects of playing football is the impact that it can have on your waistline – for a number of reasons, a game of football Read more [...]

What TV Type is the Most Ideal for Your Business? A Comparison of Plasma, LCD, LED, and OLED TVs

For the common man, buying a TV is not that complicated; often there are only two issues to be considered: the size and the price. The man who enjoys his TV and doesn’t want to think too much keeps it simple – and in a way, it’s wise to keep it simple. It narrows things down in a very straightforward manner. However, for business owners who wish to buy a TV, it’s an investment, and everything should be considered. There’s no doubt size and price are still the two top priorities, but all Read more [...]

Should You Even Be Concerned about Twitter?

Twitter has become one of the darlings of the social media age. For reasons that many people find incomprehensible, many people cannot seem to resist receiving short little messages from complete strangers or friends, politicians, sports heroes or even movie stars. Although this trend actually started in the United States, it caught on all over the world and today Twitter has over half a billion users worldwide. Leveraging that popularity, they recently started selling shares to the public and the Read more [...]

What Types of Cyber Security Are Worth Investing In?

Cyber security has 3 basic components that are all very important and worth investing in, especially for businesses that depend on computers for day to day operations. A well-rounded cyber security plan includes these things: Education Prevention Detection Investing in all three of these components will likely help keep you or your business from falling prey to a cyber attack. Education Knowing what to do and what to look for is the first step in making sure your personal information Read more [...]

3 Tips For Hosting a Great Business Conference

Sometimes your reputation as a professional, and perhaps even your career, can depend on having a successful business conference, event, trade show, or other public presentation.  When it comes down to event venue Toronto services, you may want to get professional help with catering, lighting, entertainment, and other options.  Here are a few tips that will ensure that your conference will run with the least friction possible. Create Atmospheres for Networking A business conference that has dozens Read more [...]

5 Tips for Great Team Management

In today’s ever competitive world, it can be quite difficult to achieve success alone. One has to work with others in order to attain set goals and meaningful growth. The term “dream team” makes a great deal of sense in this particular scenario. It is, however, very important to understand that having a team is one thing and guiding it to success is another. As a team leader, you need to have the right set of team management skills in order to achieve the aforementioned. The following are five Read more [...]