Make Your Website Stand Out from the Rest

It seems that almost everyone has their own website nowadays. It could be just for blogging purposes as more and more people are sharing their thoughts and ideas through their own blogs. Perhaps you have a website for your business so that you are having more of an online presence instead of relying simply on your brick and mortar store. Of course, if you are an educator, you could have a website for class purposes so the students and their parents can keep track of what is always going on in the Read more [...]

How to Create Better Call Center Agents With the Cloud

If you own a business, you might be considering a call center — or you may already have one. Having a call center is a great first step for your customers, but you want to have the best call center possible to create a great experience for your callers. What makes a good call center? Good call center agents are crucial to the success of a call center. It’s easy to create better call center agents with the cloud, and here’s how.   Implement cloud call center software   Cloud Read more [...]

Business and marketing in the digital age

As technology evolves, it is now having more of an impact in all parts of our lives and in business for example. Whether this be online through the indiana online casinos page and the offers that are now available or how it has now made a change in approach when it comes to marketing online. So how has this move to digital impacted the marketing channels that are available?   Customer Service   Customer service has now increased greatly following the rise of digital. This has Read more [...]

Different metrics for different problems

There are many different ways in which you can measure your brand health. The way in which you choose to do so will often be dictated by your company, product, or market that you’re based in. In this article, we’ll look at a handful of different metrics that can measure brand health.   Net promoter score:   This tests how much someone would recommend a product to a friend. Research has shown word-of-mouth recommendations by brand ambassadors goes a long way. This score helps Read more [...]